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Beyond Checkerdome #161: Dog Days

Catching up on the Blues and our summer so far...

NHL: St. Louis Blues at San Jose Sharks
Keepin’ Watch - Good On Ya, Bert!
Andrew Villa-USA TODAY Sports

It’s time to stretch those podcastin’ muscles once again. It’s been awhile! We get a chance to share what we’ve done over the past few weeks (spoiler - one is much more fun than the other) and also to discuss what the Blues have been up to. We get a chance to sigh in relief that Colton Parayko was signed, and we cover the smaller moves in free agency. We welcome the San Antonio Rampage to the (future) Blues organization, and we also talk about the departure of one of the unsung heroes of NHL teams.

Give it a listen, eh?

For a download link, click HERE

Thanks for passing the time with us during these summer doldrums. Thankfully, there’s no offseason for beer drinkin’! Let us know what’s on your mind by emailing us at BeyondCheckerdome AT Gmail DOT com, or by finding us on Twitter @ByndCheckerdome. You’ll find some of our drinking evidence on Instagram at @BeyondCheckerdome. Also, if you should be using the ol’ iTunes to listen, please do leave a rating or review there.

Enjoy the summer, and hockey will be back before you know it! And so will we!


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