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Say Hi to Gametime: Adam Steevens

1. Why/how did you become a Blues fan?

One of my earliest childhood memories revolves around sitting cross-legged on the living room floor, folding laundry, and listening to Ken Wilson calling a Blues game on the television. Can’t remember exactly when it happened, but I was brainwashed fairly early in life.

2. How many years have you suffered?

Fifteen years, at the very least. I used to say “If the Blues win a Cup before my parents die, I would be happy.” Now, I wonder if the Blues will manage to sneak in a championship before my own cold, dead heart finally gives out.

3. Favorite player/moment?

I have a lot of nostalgia for the early-2000’s-era Blues. Demitra, Pronger, and MacInnis? Hell yes. The goaltending was always wet trash but that roster was incredible. At some point in high school, I wore #77 in honor of Pierre Turgeon. His wrist shot was sick, and he was such a rare combination of pure goalscorer and nifty set-up man. My favorite moment as a Blues fan? Tough to say for sure – there’s a highlight reel of moments that replay in my head when I try to recall my favorite of all time. Watching Blackhawks jerseys being burned just outside of the Savvis Center after a playoff game is up there for sure. If I really had to choose a single moment, gun to my head? It’s Troy Brouwer’s Game 7 winner against the Blackhawks. Everything about Chicago – especially that season – was awful. Patrick Kane skated on rape allegations earlier that year. Andrew Shaw infamously shouted homophobic slurs during that series and was suspended. The Blues did everyone a favor by ending their reign of terror.

4. How did you begin writing for Game Time?

I created the ‘Doug Armstrong Press Conference Translator’ after Army sat on his hands through another painful trade deadline a couple seasons ago and Brad Lee thought it was funny so here we all are.

5. Are you an out of towner? How does this impact your fandom?

My apartment’s in the city, so I have to live with the nagging guilt of being too goddamned lazy to go to home games when the arena is only a fifteen minute drive from my front door.

6. Do you have other hobbies other than hockey?

Of course! I write books, play tennis, and push small children down escalators for fun.

7. Favorite beer/beverage?

Bourbon is my main squeeze. Knob Creek is a personal favorite, especially when you can get it straight from the barrel. Four Hands Cast Iron Oatmeal Brown is basically my default beer setting. Four Hands City Wide Pils and IPA are terrific as well.

8. How many more years do you think it'll be before the Blues win the Stanley Cup?

I am not a superstitious guy, but I do believe in the hockey gods, and I believe they will severely punish me for attempting to answer this question sincerely.

9. Most important lesson learned as a Blues fan?

I’ve learned that you have to seize any moment of happiness, however small or fleeting, in order to survive the pain of the off-season.