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Say Hi to Game Time: Dan Buffa

Life as a Blues fan

How the fuck are we doing, Blues fans? Did you miss me? Don’t answer that question right away. Hear my story first as I add my Q&A to the “Say Hi” round of staff introductions. Since the ice and beer aren’t chilling at Scottrade just yet, pull up a chair.

Why/How did I become a Blues fan?

I could say my brother was a Jeremy Roenick fan and I felt the need to strike down upon him with furious blue-blooded anger, but that isn’t entirely true. As I wrote earlier this summer, Brett Hull’s one timer got me into hockey and the Blues. He was an action flick on skates. So fun to watch and lethal on other teams. I felt like sending a memo to the other coach telling him sorry for Hull sprinkling greatness on the ice that night. My dad and brother were fans, but I became an addict real quick once I learned fighters could beat the shit out of each other. The thing that kept me invested in hockey is the true brotherhood on the ice. You don’t see that in other sports like you do in hockey. Guys truly looking out for one another.

It’s been a downhill booze-filled love affair ever since.

Favorite Player/Moment

Hull, Brett. His 500th goal carried the sex appeal of a Ford Mustang humming down a dirt road, but I also love David Backes’ game winning goal on his birthday in the playoffs last year. Hull was king for me, but Backes was a special kind of true grit that I wish hadn’t went to Boston.

How did you begin writing for Game Time?

I drugged Laura. I kid.

My medium heat takes began in September of 2015 when I reached out the wonderful HildyMac about writing for the best Blues site on the net. It was on a whim and I didn’t expect her to say yes, but many doses later here we are. Shortly after, I conned Brad Lee into letting me write for the paper as well. A few bounced checks and promises later, I am still here.

Look, I love writing about sports and have spread my work around the net, but Game Time is a special breed of blunt commentary. Without asking the writer to censor themselves, this place allows a scribe to be honest with the fan. We all curse during our sports rants, so why act so fancy with our columns? This isn’t AM Radio, where fucks and shits are treated like unpinned grenades. This is the real deal nerve center of Blues hockey. I don’t make a dime to write here, but there isn’t a dollar amount you can place on freedom of speech.

Are you an out of towner? How does this impact your fandom?

I am a proud South City resident, but I did live in Arkansas for two years, where FEW knew what hockey was, so there was a struggle there to comprehend how people could live without the notion of hockey’s existence. I had to explain to someone why there were only three periods. Thankfully, I pass Scottrade every night on the job.

Do you have any other hobbies outside of hockey writing?

Writing in general and coffee consumption. Failed radio host. I love presenting my opinion via the written word or in front of a microphone. I also work out a little and watch an insane amount of movies. Without those things, I am a mad man. My wife and son are the heart and soul of my existence, but without coffee, the world would be a sad place.

Favorite beer/beverage

Strong coffee, but let’s be honest, alcohol is required to digest Blues hockey. Boulevard’s Tank 7 is the best beer on the planet (yes, I checked).

How many more years before the Blues win the Stanley Cup?

If they win it before my son enters middle school, that would be nice. He will be six years old when the puck drops in October. Sorry, sugar coat specialists.

Most important lesson learned as a Blues fan

Appreciate the greatness of the game no matter where the team finishes. Hockey is a beautiful fucking sport to watch. Don’t let the glory hole of a Stanley Cup deter you from its enjoyment. Oh, lots of bourbon and patience.

That’s all I got today. I am sure you are tired of me by now, so when I write another column next month, the symptoms were subside long enough for me to return.