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Blackhawks at Blues preview: Three times in one month?

Who planned this?

NHL: Chicago Blackhawks at St. Louis Blues Jeff Curry-USA TODAY Sports

Whoever in the NHL’s scheduling department decided to have the Blues and Blackhawks play three times in October, please raise your hand.

You need to be fired.

Listen, it kills some fun when you see your biggest rival three times in a short time span. It kills more of the fun when your team is spinning its wheels trying to figure out what the hell is wrong with it. Sure, the Blues have gotten two points from the Hawks so far. It should be four. Now that Corey Crawford is healthy and back, it’ll probably remain at four.

Sorry if I seem fatalistic. When you have a team that has a capable roster and a capable coaching staff, but they’ve only cobbled together a 2-4-3 record, it’s difficult to shake that feeling that after tonight it’ll be 2-5-3. Everything is the same for tonight’s game. Maybe that’ll lead to some more power play goals - the Blues are clicking at 40% against the Hawks.

Maybe that’ll lead to another two goal blown lead in an easily winnable game. Who can say?

Every team goes through poor stretches, some more poor than others. It’s different when you start the season off that way - you form bad habits and it’s difficult to shed them. You also cause a malaise in the fanbase and that’s difficult to shed too.

A Saturday evening game against the Blackhawks should be sold out. Don’t hold your breath for that tonight.