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Blackhawks Vs. Blues Recap

Hockey is fun again...Until Thursday. Maybe.

NHL: Chicago Blackhawks at St. Louis Blues Jeff Curry-USA TODAY Sports

Blues Lineup:

Jaden Schwartz - Brayden Schenn - Vladimir Tarasenko

Zach Sanford - Ryan O’Reilly - David Perron

Pat Maroon - Tyler Bozak - Alexander Steen

Ivan Barbashev - Robert Thomas - Oskar Sundqvist

Defensive Pairs:

Jay Bouwmeester - Alex Pietrangelo

Joel Edmundson - Colton Parayko

Vince Dunn - Jordan Schmaltz


Jake Allen

Game Highlights:

After whateverthefuck that was the other night, the Blues needed to bounce back in a big way. Show something after the closed door meetings and all the talk. Ryan O’Reilly must have gotten the memo because he scored just 18 seconds into the start of the game. Shout out to Zach Sanford for the beautiful pass to set O’Reilly up for the goal.

The Blackhawks strike back just as fast though as Patrick Kane scores on Jake Allen from three point land. Wait, wrong sport. Just like that it’s 1-1 and proof that we can’t have nice things.

How would the Blues respond? With another goal of course! Zach Sanford followed up his assist with a goal of his own. David Perron found Sanford in front of the wide open net. Sanford was able to hit said wide open net and give the Blues a 2-1 lead.

Alex. Buddy pal. What the hell were you thinking on this play? Can’t turn the puck over like that. When you do, Artem Anisimov and Patrick Kane make some fancy passes and Jake Allen gets beat and the game gets all tied up at two after one period.

The Blues were on the power play at the early stages of the first period. Vladimir Tarasenko rings one off the post and into the net to give the Blues a 3-2 lead. The role of statue in front of the net was played by Pat Maroon. Hawks starter Corey Crawford had no chance.

The number 21 is good again for Blues fans. (Although for some it was never bad, but that’s for a whole other article in itself.) Tyler Bozak scored the Blues fourth goal of the night from Oskar Sundqvist. Sandford shows up for the third time on the score sheet to this point. He had his second assist of the night.

With just three minutes to go in the second Kane scored his second of the night. Once again Anisimov was there to set up Kane for the chance, which he took full advantage of and scored. Do the Blues fold like a lawn chair and blow this lead...?

Jake Allen gets hurt in the waining moments of the second period. Allen makes arguably his best save of the night. He then gets run into by Sanford. He was down on the ice for a few moments and did not return for the start of the third.

Chad Ocho Cinco Johnson lead the Blues out to start the third. The score stayed 4-3 for much of the third until Tarasenko scored his second of the night. Crawford gave up a nice rebound in front that Tarasenko dove in for and scored on in a great effort.

ALEX PIETRANGELO FROM THE PARKING LOT. EMPTY NET. THEY DIDN’T BLOW A LEAD IN THE THIRD. DOGS AND CATS LIVING TOGETHER. MASS HYSTERIA. Ok, maybe not but the Blues didn’t allow a third period goal for the first time this season. Not a typo.

Maybe the Blackhawks should’ve stuck with the empty net...Steen hits the extra point and the Blues win by the score of 7-3. Boy did everyone need this one. The players, the fans, the coaching staff. Carl the janitor. Everyone. The Blues don’t play until Thursday now as they’ll take on the Golden Knights.

From The Twitter Machine:

As he should’ve.

Award for best picture goes to...

I...I have so many questions.

This is certainly a picture.

Player of the game:

Ivan Barbashev for punching Brent Seabrook in his stupid fucking face.