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How To Get The Game Time Fan-Run Paper

The red Xs mark the spots of our three paper vendors.

There’s Game Time the website (hint: you’re reading it now), Game Time the podcast (more on that in another post soon) and Game Time the social media empire (if you don’t follow us on Twitter and Facebook, are you really a Blues fan?), but have you tried Game Time the paper. Or is it a program? Someone called it a pamphlet the other day. It’s not a newsletter. Unless you just bought one, then you can call it whatever you want.

Outside every Blues regular season and postseason (when they have them) game, you can find vendors selling our fan-run paper. It’s usually 24 pages filled with analysis, opinions, stats, jokes and much more. For the home opener and other big games, the paper will be 28 pages. It’s quite a bang for your $4. Yes, it costs money. Here’s why: it costs a lot of money to print these things. We use pretty good paper so the book/program/pamphlet is rigid and stands at attention when you hold it up.

Inside the stadium, you can get a little folded up program that looks more like an old road map (kids, ask your parents) than a program. It doesn’t have nearly the content. For instance in the middle of our book are the rosters for that night with up to date stats including player salaries so you can see when a forward has one goal in 13 games that he’s obviously overpaid. Jerk!

It’s great for perusing during pregame and intermission, in line for a not so soft pretzel or adult beverage. The rosters help you identify players by number. And it’s great for enjoying after the game on the ride home. You can find our vendors by the driveway leading into the Kiel Garage, outside the 14th Street Doors and the northeast corner of 14th and Clark. Check out the map at the top of the story.

Now if you really want to get ready for that night Blues home game, you can subscribe to the paper and receive it via PDF. We send the paper out usually the night before home games as soon as the publisher is done putting it together. Hopefully around midnight. Hopefully. People who subscribe then have it the entire day leading up to the game. I’m sure none of them have read it during work. The best part about subscribing: you don’t miss an issue and it’s just $2 an issue. Plus, playoff issues are free. For $82 (41 home games multiplied by $2 an issue), you get every edition of the paper from opening night to…whenever and however the Blues finish the season.

Want to subscribe? Email and you’ll have all the info.