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Flames At Blues Preview/GameDay Thread: Start of something good

The Blues have won two in a row in dramatic fashion. Dare we hope for three?

NHL: Calgary Flames at St. Louis Blues Jeff Curry-USA TODAY Sports

First you had a come from behind victory over the Florida Panthers that necessitated four third period goals. Then you had a shorthanded overtime game winner amid another poorly officiated game. The Blues are starting to look like they want to overcome adversity all of a sudden.

If you look “adversity” up in the dictionary, it will say “see also: 2018-2019 St. Louis Blues record.”

You can thank Ryan O’Reilly for the game winning goal Friday night, and you can also thank his skilled play for a good bit of the Blues’ recent upswing. As bad as this season has been at times, he’s been a bright spot.

Calgary’s been a good team so far this season, entering this afternoon’s game with a 21-10-2 record. They also played yesterday afternoon (a 2-1 win over the Minnesota Wild), so maybe the Blues can jump on a tired team. They’ve won seven out of their last eight games, but the Blues have been ok at being streak-busters - ask the Avalanche. The Blues have already beaten the Flames once back on October 11th, but that 5-3 victory necessitated a David Perron hat trick. That’d be fun to see again tonight, but let’s hope that’s not necessary for a win against Calgary every time.

This is your GameDay Thread. Comment like you’re bullish on a three game winning streak. But not too bullish.

Let’s do this. Let’s Go Blues.