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Blues Weekend Recap.

Shockingly, the Blues win a one goal game and look disinterested the next. Shocking. So shocked.

NHL: Vancouver Canucks at St. Louis Blues Jeff Curry-USA TODAY Sports

Blues Vs. Jets Highlights:

Jake Allen played a sturdy game. The Jets weren’t the same team that blewout the Blues in St. Louis. Blues somehow win 1-0 game.

Canucks Vs. Blues Highlights:

The Blues are at least consistent in the fact they’ve pissed almost everyone off. I said (yes me) said the Blues needed to show more consistency. Spoiler, they did not. It was another piss poor effort coming off a win, that maybe just MAYBE could have led to something. Jordan Kyrou scored his first NHL goal. There. I was positive.

The broken, apologetic, and fragile Blues (they must be Italian) play the Panthers Tuesday night.

Tweets, or whatever.

Probably about as tired as all of us hearing their excuses.