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Penguins at Blues Preview/Game Day Thread

Get ready for a brunch matchup.

NHL: Pittsburgh Penguins at St. Louis Blues Jeff Curry-USA TODAY Sports

The Blues have been playing very well since Tuesday’s 6-2 loss to the Minnesota Wild. After scoring four goals in three games, the Blues bounced back with 11 goals in two. This team can score when it wants to. This team can play well in front of Jake Allen. For whatever reason, it takes some drastic event like Tuesday night to motivate them.

Let’s hope that the motivation continues through this morning.

Yes, you read that one right - this morning. The game is on NBC today, and they have to work around Olympic coverage, so the Penguins and Blues get to start at 11:00. This, of course, mucks with both team’s schedules and game preparation. Don’t hold your breath for a banger. Eating before the game is going to be tough.

“It’s an odd time, but it is what it is. Both teams have to play it,” head coach Mike Sullivan said. “All things are equal. What we did talk about was making sure that our eating habits are where they need to be today and in the morning. And that our pregame routines are very important for that type of game.”


”The meal is the biggest thing. You’re trying to eat some pasta before, but it’s tough stuffing down pasta at 8 a.m.,” Reaves said. “That’s the biggest part.

”I’m going to get a nice chicken parm and some pasta in me tonight. Hopefully that will carry over into tomorrow.”

I hope Ryan Reaves enjoyed his (assumed) trip to The Hill.

The Blues usually play the Penguins well. They won opening night, 5-4, thanks to an Alex Pietrangelo overtime goal. They have points in ten of their last 13 games against the Pens. And, of course, after today five of the next six games come against Central Division opponents, so any lull in game play could carry over to a stretch of the season where it doesn’t need to be.

The Pens have lost just twice in their last seven games, but Carter Hutton is 2-0-0 against the Penguins with two shutouts. Today isn’t going to be easy for either team.

This preview is doubling as your GameDay Thread. Comment like this is just too damned early.

Let’s do this. Let’s Go Blues.