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Brackets for Good Fundraising Madness for St. Louis charities starts soon!

Time to put your cash where your heart is.

Last year, Brackets for Good raised some serious dough for St. Louis area charities with their March Madness style fundraising. The winning charity, Camp Jump Start, brought in $106,088.43, with participating charities raising a total of $313,730.

This year they’re back for more of the same, with the winning charity out of 64 getting a cool $10,000 plus donations from kind hearted St. Louisans. The competition begins on March 2nd. How does the whole thing work? Let’s let Brackets for Good explain:

How the Tournament Works

Participating nonprofit organizations will rally enthusiastic donors to out-fundraise their opponents in order to advance. Through the excitement, tournament promotion, and corporate involvement, nonprofits earn increased exposure, gain access to free fundraising tools, raise funds, and meet new donors. Supporters score points, by making donations, to help their favorite causes advance in the bracket-style tournament. Every dollar donated equals one (1) point. The organization, in a match-up, with the most points at the end of the round advances. At the start of each round, point totals reset back to zero. The organization that advances through the entire bracket receives an additional $10,000 Championship grant. No matter how many rounds each individual organization advances, they benefit from added awareness, meet new supporters, and keep the donations received during tournament play. It’s competitive giving. Everybody wins.

At 8:00 on March 2nd, head over to to make your donations to the charity of your choice. There are a ton to choose from, so find your charity of choice and get to supporting.