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The Blues don’t appreciate your Bronx jeers

After last night’s loss the boos rained down.

NHL: Winnipeg Jets at St. Louis Blues Joe Puetz-USA TODAY Sports

Last night’s 4-0 loss to the Winnipeg Jets was the Blues’ fifth loss in a row, and fourth straight regulation loss. In what should be a key playoff push, the team has instead dithered about, allowing mistakes to pile up and wind up in the back of their own net. It’s been, to be polite, a gong show. It’s been painful to watch, and I’m sure frustrating to participate in.

In what comes across as a massive, MASSIVE, deflection from the matter at hand, Alex Pietrangelo and Vladimir Tarasenko had this to say:

Tarasenko’s comment is indicative of his frustration with himself, not the fans. He knows where the blame lies - the team - and is managing to probably shoulder more than enough blame. He and Allen are not the only two players on the team, though, and let’s face it: last night’s loss was a team effort.

Pietrangelo, who doesn’t want to say anything about the fans but who says something about the fans anyway, seems upset. I’m sure he is. But you “got his back?” Do you have Jake’s back? Because it’s not the people who fill Scottrade who keep allowing defensive lapses and poor play to happen. It’s not the fans who couldn’t hit a broad side of a barn right now.

I’ve looked in the mirror. Have the Blues looked in theirs?

I’m not going to take this as an opportunity to lecture boo birds (myself, I don’t boo, I tend to yell “encouragement” and give disappointed looks. It’s a quality strategy if you’re close enough to the glass - it worked on Jim Slater once). Fans have every right to be unhappy now. The team flat-out doesn’t look like they give a shit. They’re doing what the’ve done since Andy Murray - they quit when they feel like it. I don’t know what the deal is, I don’t know what causes it with different groups of players and different coaches, but it happens. It needs to stop.

I appreciate the respect that the Blues have for both of their goaltenders as people. But show that respect on the ice in your play, not in your words to the press. Back your words up before you back out of the playoff picture.