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Blues at Predators preview: Soshnikov debuts

The Blues’ newest player is being thrown into the frying pan

NHL: St. Louis Blues at Nashville Predators Steve Roberts-USA TODAY Sports

The Blues are returning to the scene of the crime that began this streak of sub-par play. On February 13th, the Blues entered the third period holding a 3-0 lead, and watched it evaporate only to lose 4-3 in overtime. It was a perfect metaphor for this season - the Blues had an outstanding start and watched it evaporate to the point where they’re one point out of a wild card spot.

It’s infuriating and it’s frustrating to watch. I’m sure it’s also frustrating to participate in. So welcome, Nikita Soshnikov! Welcome to the Blues, who just a scant few months ago were a Western Conference powerhouse but who are now a Western Conference also-ran.

At least the Blues fans at Sunday’s game won’t be able to distract them, because this isn’t a team that you road trip for. I’m glad that I decided not to drive to Nashville for the weekend.

The Predators only allow 2.5 goals a game. The Blues can barely score one. They’ve been outscored 13-3 since blowing February 13th, and have just one even-strength goal to their name.

As an added perk, today’s game is a national broadcast game on NBC, so the whole country can see what Blues fans have been watching this month. Clean out your mailboxes to make room for the sympathy cards.