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Doug Armstrong explains the Blues’ trade deadline

The general manager explains his methodology to John Kelly.

Martin Brodeur Retirement Press Conference Photo by Jeff Curry/Getty Images

Shortly after the trade deadline passed this afternoon, Blues General Manager Doug Armstrong sat down with broadcaster John Kelly to offer up analysis of the Paul Stastny deal and why that was the only move that the team made today.

It was a quick interview, but it laid out his plans for the afternoon. Those plans? Flip a pending UFA for a few picks and a solid prospect and protect the Blues’ top prospects.

Armstrong called the situation a difficult decision that he talked to Stastny about last week and then spoke to Stastny after the last two losses to the Jets and Predators. Armstrong said he would’ve been fine if Stastny stayed and “soldiered on” with the Blues, which may or may not be the most painfully appropriate way that I’ve heard playing for the Blues described. Interesting that it came from the team’s GM.

Curious about why the Blues didn’t make an upgrade? Everyone wanted a prospect, namley Klim Kostin, Tage Thompson, Robert Thomas, and Jordan Kyrou. Also the team is in the middle of a six game losing streak and really, we gotta look forward to the future here. The future might as well be brighter than the situation that the Blues find themselves in now.

Armstrong said that the Blues were close to a couple of deals after receiving the first round pick but since they were unwilling to deal one of their top prospects, those deals fell through. Armstrong also said that the deals weren’t in line with what the team’s current goal is, which is the same goal that it always seems to be (2016 being the exception): planning for the future.

Thompson may get slotted in at Stastny’s position, so it will be a rotating audition for a second line center. Armstrong also called on players to step up, which has obviously not been the team’s strong suit since, oh, December.

The upshot is that the Blues now have a first round draft pick in this year’s draft, and Armstrong and the team seems high on Erik Foley and his relationship with Thompson. The downside of today is that the Blues appear to be ok maintaining the status quo for the remainder of the season. Whether or not that gets the team into the postseason is anyone’s guess.