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GameThread for St. Louis Blues at Los Angeles Kings, Mar 10, 2018

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An early (Pacific Time, at least) game for the Blues could be make or break.

Gary A. Vasquez-USA TODAY Sports

So, the Blues are now four points behind the Kings, Carter Hutton is still out with a neck injury, Joel Edmundson isn't back, and Mike Yeo has "broken the glass" on the line of Schwarz-Schenn-Tarasenko.

The Blues haven't been able to hit the broad side of a barn in a month. While it's understandable that Yeo doesn't want the only three top-six level forwards that the team has on one line, it's a shame that it took this long to get them back together again.

Are the Blues waiving the white flag? Isn't that what all of February was? I guess we'll get our answer earlier today than usual for a California home game.

This is your GameDay Thread. Comment like you'd really like Joel Edmundson to hurry it up.

Let's do this. Let's Go Blues.