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Blues Playoff Watch: March 18th

A little win goes a long way.

New York Rangers v St Louis Blues Photo by Dilip Vishwanat/Getty Images

Apparently the point total that’s en vogue in the Western Conference is 84:

The Blues are three points behind in the Wild Card race, and need to start assembling the wins to get away from the log-jam of teams that have 84 points. The Blues have a small advantage over the Ducks and Stars in this department, as they’ve played one fewer game. The Blues put that small advantage to good use last night with their win over the Rangers - that win bumped their playoff odds about 6%, according to SportsClubStats. A win tonight against the Blackhawks would further boost their odds of making it 10%, with a Jets win over the Stars adding an extra 4% to those chances. Detroit beating Colorado and New Jersey beating Anaheim would add an additional two-ish percent.

Currently, according to, the Blues have a 56% chance of missing the playoffs.

This is an improvement over Friday, when it sat at 62%.