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Blues Playoff Odds: March 20th

There are some big games for the Blues to keep an eye on tonight.

St Louis Blues v Chicago Blackhawks Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

The worst part about the wind-down of the season and the accompanying playoff push is that there are these awful two and three day breaks between games where other teams snag points while your team doesn’t. That’s what happened last night, as the Kings’ win against the Wild dropped the Blues’ playoff odds by about 2%. Tonight, it’s not much different - and in the span of just a day, this is what the Wild Card race now looks like:

The Blues went from just one point out to three. Still, that game in hand on the Ducks and Stars is beneficial, as they have significantly better odds to make the playoffs than Dallas does according to

What it’s going to take are the Kings and/or ducks to go on a slide. Heck, let’s throw the Avalanche in there too. The Blues might control their own fate, but a little help is always appreciated.

Speaking of help, according to, tonight Blues fans might want to request it of the Capitals, Blackhawks (ugh), and Jets. A win for each of those teams would boost the Blues’ chances by seven and a half percent.