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Blues playoff watch: March 25th

Don’t look now, but they’re in a playoff spot.

NHL: St. Louis Blues at Columbus Blue Jackets Russell LaBounty-USA TODAY Sports

The Blues’ hard work rebounding from their disastrous seven game losing streak has finally paid off - for now.

Mind you, with this log-jam, things can change fast - but the Blues are also just three points out of third place in the Central as well. Sustained wins could see them out of the Wild Card spot and playing... ok, playing the Jets. But seriously - Nashville, Vegas, or Winnipeg, they’re all going to be a problem.

According to, the Blues now have a higher chance of making the playoffs than do the Kings, and nearly the same odds as the Avs. has the Blues’ playoff odds ticking up 11.9% after yesterday’s games. Today, fans need to root for the Oilers over the Ducks (good luck) and the Bruins over the Wild. Hey, the Oilers did the Blues a solid yesterday in beating the Kings. Maybe they can go two in a row.