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Blues playoff watch: March 28th

The odds are in their favor.

NHL: San Jose Sharks at St. Louis Blues Billy Hurst-USA TODAY Sports

The Blues are riding a six game winning streak, and it’s been as helpful to their playoff odds as that seven game losing streak was at crushing them. Thanks to a 3-2 overtime win against San Jose, the Blues are now on top of the wild card race:

Yes, as close as those standings are, things could change in a heartbeat, but at least the Blues still have a game in hand on the Ducks. has the Blues with just a 10% chance of missing the playoffs.

It looks like one of the two slots is either going to be Colorado or Anaheim’s to lose.

Tonight, the Blues have light scoreboard viewing. estimated that the Blues’ odds went up 13.3% last night - the only game on the docket that can do damage to that is the Flyers at Avalanche. An Avs win drops the Blues’ odds by 2.2%; a Flyers win raises them by 3.8%.