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Blues adjust power play units for Thursday’s game against Sharks

Brace yourselves.

NHL: St. Louis Blues at Dallas Stars Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

The Blues focused on the power play at Wednesday’s practice, which is nice. Currently they sit at 29th in the league at 15.5% effectiveness. They need help.

Here are the new power play units, according to Jim Thomas, are as follows:

First unit: Pietrangelo, Steen, Taraskeno, Schenn, Schwartz

Second unit: Dunn, Parayko, Berglund, Jaskin, Sobotka

That first unit, fine and dandy. Dunn’s been bumped down to the second unit, which means Tage Thompson is off of the PP.

But wow, Berglund, Jaskin, and Sobotka. I think we’ve figured out why the Blues PP is at 15.5%.

Question for you, dear readers: how do you re-tool the PP units to actually make them effective, or can you even? Kindly share your suggestions. Maybe someone’ll take your suggestions.