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Blues playoff watch: April 5th

They’re not dead yet, but it’s close.

NHL: Chicago Blackhawks at St. Louis Blues Jeff Curry-USA TODAY Sports

These standings should look a hell of a lot different.

But they don’t, because we have a team incapable of playing a full 60 minutes and a goalie who, last night according to Mike Milbury, played like “ca-ca.” One period away from two points, and eight seconds away from a point, and this is what happens.

I’m surprised Vladimir Tarasenko only broke one stick over his knee. Still, according to, somehow the Blues have a near 40% chance of getting in.

The Avalanche have to lose to the Sharks tonight. If not, the Blues have to beat the Blackhawks tomorrow and then the Avs on Saturday. For some reason, while possible, that still feels like a taller order than the Blues are ready for right now. isn’t nearly as generous. Last night’s loss dinged the Blues 18%. A San Jose win boosts the Blues’ chances back up 11%.

We need to root for the Sharks tonight, but the Blues need to wake up and realize that their playoff chances are in their own hands. Another embarrassing loss tomorrow night at Chicago if the Avs win tonight and they’re dead in the water.