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Preview Blues at Blackhawks: Two To Go

Blues at Blackhawks tonight at 7:30 on FSMW

NHL: St. Louis Blues at Chicago Blackhawks Dennis Wierzbicki-USA TODAY Sports

Tonight, the Blues take on the Blackhawks. Puck drops at 7:30 and can be seen on Fox Sports Midwest.

After a brutal and embarrassing loss to the Blackhawks on Wednesday night the Blues travel into enemy territory tonight looking to regain some of their dignity as well as keep their playoff hopes alive.

In his blog, Lou Korak outlined all of the different scenarios over the next two games that will or will not lead to a Blues playoff birth. Instead of re-listing all of those I’ll just provide you with a link here.

Undoubtable the best solution for the Blues to make the big dance is for them to win their next two games in regulation. This would guarantee at least two home playoff games, which is still better than no home playoff games at all.

So here we are, after 80 regular season games, it all comes down to these last two. Win and they’re in, lose both and they are done. God Bless sports.

Despite a bad showing on Wednesday night it appears that Mike Yeo is going right back with Jake Allen.

“... You know what, I think that we as a team lost this game,” Yeo added. “We as a team were not good enough, so definitely not gonna single out one player right now. If there’s anything that I have confidence in, it’s that Jake’s gonna bounce back and have a real good game in Chicago.” [In The Slot]

It is hard to believe that Mike Yeo has much confidence left in his starting net minder which leads me to believe one of two things: Either a) Carter Hutton is still nursing an undisclosed injury and Yeo does not believe he gives the Blues any better of a chance of winning or b) the Blues are hoping and praying that Allen will at least get it together enough to go out on a high note and thus raising his trade value.

Yesterday afternoon it was announced that the Blues had recalled goaltender Ville Husso from San Antonio which suggest that Hutton is in fact still injured and may not even be able to dress for tonight’s game.

Either way, Jake Allen will be leading the team onto the ice tonight and the Blues playoff hopes lay squarely on his shoulders.

Thanks for reading and go Blues.