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Blues playoff watch: April 6th

It’s all in their own hands now.

Thanks to the San Jose Sharks win last night (thanks, Sharks!) the playoff situation remains unchanged going into the Blues’ last two games:

The Avalanche are backing into the playoffs as well as the Blues have been. This means that the Blues can clinch with a win tonight in Chicago and at least one point against the Avalanche, or a loss tonight in Chicago (not again, please) and a win on Saturday against the Avs. Obviously, this means the odds are basically 50/50 for both teams. has the Avs at a little higher than 50%.

A win tonight bumps the Blues’ odds up to 54% over at Sports Club Stats by virtue of the “all they need is a point over Colorado” method of clinching. A loss knocks them down to 40%.

Make your beer run, people. Buy a suitcase’s worth.