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Time to learn the new name for the Scottrade Center

No, it’s not the Factory of Sadness.

Carolina Hurricanes v St. Louis Blues Photo by Dilip Vishwanat/Getty Images

The building formerly known as the Scottrade Center is also formerly known as the Savvis Center (2000-2006) and before that formerly known as the Kiel Center (1994-2000). Twelve years is a long time for something to have a name. You wouldn’t rename your kid after twelve years. You wouldn’t rename your dog after twelve years. People get attached to things like names.

But naming rights for sports arenas change. They’re basically big advertisements for a business, and with Scottrade being purchased by TD Ameritrade (and the latter not wanting to continue the naming rights through 2021), it was time for another St. Louis based business to step in.

Enter Enterprise Rent-A-Car, based in Clayton and also the official rental car of the NHL. Details of the terms of the naming rights agreement are not available. but it’s probably (according to the Post-Dispatch) between $3 million and $10 million a season.

Now the time comes to determining a new nickname for the Enterprise Center - or, as we do so often in St. Louis, will be just continue to cling to one of the old names?

I mean, everyone knows where the Kiel Center is, right?