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2018 NHL Draft Open Thread

Come chat about all of the deals that the Blues don’t make.

2018 NHL Draft - Top Prospects Media Availability
The Blues will probably not be drafting any of these young men.
Photo by Tom Pennington/Getty Images

Sure, the Blues don’t pick until 29th overall, but there’s still fun to be had tonight. What crazy deals will go down? How much will Gary Bettman smirk at the one time a year that people applaud him/seem to care about what he has to say? How many different ways can GMs thank the Dallas Stars and congratulate the Washington Capitals? How young will all of the draft picks look this year (spoiler: it’s inversely proportional to your age).

Welcome to your 2018 NHL Draft open thread. Draft analysis will be pending from Brian, our Prospect Department. Trade analysis will be pending whoever gets to it first.

Enjoy the draft, and remember, sometimes it pays to have zero expectations. Ask the country of Denmark.