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Blues make it official, sign Pat Maroon

It took a little while, but the worst kept secret in UFA signings is done.

New Jersey Devils v Tampa Bay Lightning - Game Five

This wasn’t exactly a top secret deal - there have been rumblings of Patrick Maroon coming to the Blues for a few days now. Last night, the deal was done and today, the Blues announced Maroon being the most recent off-season acquisition.

It’s a reasonable signing that, for now, leaves room for Joel Edmundson to be signed and for the Blues to comply with the cap.

In case you missed it, Pat Maroon is a St. Louis native. The Blues mention it once or twice on their website. As Doug Armstrong said about Maroon:

“We think he can help our team. I talked to some of our players about him, competing against him, and they spoke very highly about how hard he was to play against, how difficult he was to move in those high traffic areas. It’s just another player we add to our group that makes us a little better than we were yesterday.”

The concept of having an immovable force in high traffic areas should be very appealing to the Blues and Doug Armstrong, especially if one of those areas is the front of the net.