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Blues’ third jersey revealed, will be worn this season.

There’s a lot to like about the team’s new alternate sweaters.

The Blues don’t have a super storied history of third jerseys. There’s the trumpet abomination that Mike Keenan allegedly killed, there are the alternatives from the 1999-2000 season that turned into the jersey that took the place of the clown jersey, and there’re the dark navy thirds with the circular Arch/Note logo that nearly everyone agreed were better than the regular jerseys of the Reebok Piping Era.

They also have the Winter Classic jersey, which kind of became the new thirds after January 2nd, 2017, and which is unanimously agreed upon (I suppose) as the Blues’ best third jersey option.

Since the NHL switched from Reebok to Adidas for their jerseys, the Winter Classic jersey is sadly no more. Instead, tonight, we got this:

It’s the team’s 1967 jersey, only with technology that those guys could only dream of. If it looks close to the Winter Classic jersey, that’s because that design was inspired by the 1967 duds too.

So, what do you think? Pass? Fail? Meh?


What do you think about the Blues’ new third jersey?

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