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Casting Call For Blues Fans: Be a part of the new Hotshots FSMW commercial!

Hotshots Sports Bar and Grill

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to see yourself on television? How about during a St. Louis Blues game on Fox Sports Midwest while you watch the game with friends and family? This week in Wentzville, Hotshots Sports Bar and Grill will make that a reality for 40-50 Blues fans.

The restaurant is shooting their new commercial for the upcoming Blues season and need some extras to fill the space in the background for two notable Blues players. Which two players? Well, that’s part of the surprise. You will need to sign up, show up, and find out who you will be standing next to. I can tell you this much: it’s not Chris Butler. I’m talking about a pair of hard working gents that you will recognize and love, so don’t waste another second, and sign up.

How does it work? Head over to this link, provide some information, and await a call. It’s that easy. The shoot takes place tomorrow (Wednesday) afternoon at the Wentzville Hotshots location. You must be 18 years of age or older to attend, and one can expect food and drinks for their time posing with a couple hockey players. Also, there’s a good chance the players sign something for everyone attending and take a picture or two as well.

Now, remember this. Don’t show up in boring library attire or something you’d wear to a sleepover. You got to LOOK THE PART! October means two things: the return of hockey and the chance to paint your face for Halloween. Here’s your chance to get started early in both departments. Paint the face, pick out your favorite jersey, and show up with some enthusiasm. Your passion will be rewarded when it’s intermission time and your lovely mug is on the television. As the St. Louis Game Time paper Captain, Brad Lee, would say, this is your time to be semi-famous, at least regionally.

So, let’s recap. Hotshots Sports Bar and Grill is hosting a casting call for a Blues commercial tomorrow in Wentzville, and all you have to do in order to get food, drinks, autographs, and a picture with two notable Blues players is show up bleeding blue and scream, “let’s go Blues!” Got it?

It’s time to get almost famous, Blues fans!