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Jake Allen in goal, Robby Fabbri out for tonight’s preseason game

Allen feels good to go; Fabbri, not so much.

NHL: Washington Capitals at St. Louis Blues Joe Puetz-USA TODAY Sports

It wouldn’t be the Blues’ preseason without some injury drama, especially injury drama involving Robby Fabbri. Fabbri, according to Mike Yeo, has a grade one groin strain, which is the least bad you can get when things like groin strains are being discussed. So, good thing: not his knee. Bad thing: probably out for a week or two. Opening night may be in question, but in the grand scheme of things, that’s fine. Rushing Fabbri back from any injury is a bad idea, and the roster seems solid enough to do without him for a game or two.

Luckily both David Perron and Tyler Bozak have appeared to recover from their groin related troubles and should be in tonight against the defending Stanley Cup champions.

Jake Allen should also start tonight’s game. Sidelined so far with back spasms, the goalie feels better and team doctors have cleared him to return. All accounts from the coaching staff and backup Chad Johnson sound like Allen’s in game form. Like early season game form, not January game form. That is a good thing.

Johnson is assumed to be in for the third period tonight. This will be the first time that the Blues’ expected goalie tandem for the season will be out there for a game.