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It’s official: The St. Louis Blues are hosting the 2020 All Star Game

It’ll be the first since 1988.

The NHL officially announced that St. Louis will host next year’s NHL All-Star Game today.

It was blink and you’ll miss it during Gary Bettman’s interview today as part of the second Winter Classic intermission. It got overshadowed by the announcement of next year’s Winter Classic, which will be hosted by the Dallas Stars. To be honest, the announcement was a little early - the announcement of the next year’s host usually happens at the current year’s All-Star Game.

It’s ok. Somehow the whole thing being low key fits. This hasn’t been the best season for the Blues or their fans. We deserve something to be excited about.

This is something to be excited about. The Winter Classic was a massive success, and St. Louis took the league by surprise as hosts, much as Nashville did for the 2016 All Star Game. An off season of hockey aside, there is a lot of good to build on here.