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2019 NHL All-Star Game: Ryan O’Reilly set to represent the Blues

This year’s game is a late starter.

NHL: All Star Game-Skills Competition Stan Szeto-USA TODAY Sports

One of the issues with having an All-Star Game on the West Coast is funky start times. What’s normal for them (5:00, apparently?) isn’t normal for the rest of the nation. Round one is set to begin between the Central and Pacific Divisions at 7:15, which judging by the start for the Skills Competition last night is more or less a tentative start time. Round two between the Atlantic and Metro will start at 8:15. Each round is only 20 minutes long, so brace yourselves for intermission features galore. Hopefully everything will be over and done with by the time Saturday Night Live starts, or we’ll be finishing the game over on NBCSN.

Oh, yes, tonight’s broadcast is on the big network. The nation will be subjected to Mike “I think I’ll call Jonsey ‘Rain Man’” Milbury and Pierre “No one wants to lose to you!” McGuire. This is certainly an ideal way to grow the sport.

The Central Division has been knocked out ASAP every year that this new format to the game has been implemented. If you’re tuning in to watch the Blues’ rep, Ryan O’Reilly, make sure you’re timely.

This is your ASG GDT. A year from now and it’s all ours.