Another Loss, Another Rant

Posted this in my regular blog, Come hang around! (censored for SB Nation)

A lot can be said about last night’s loss to the Islanders. Blown leads, Allen, Weekend struggles, why the hell was Edmundson scratched? A LOT. Here’s my two cents on the huge disapointment.

Blown Leads:

So on the twitter I linked a previous drunk blog which was a rant about blowing leads. Now, I am not near to the point I was the first go around, but due to me being back at my college for the first time since mid-December, yes I did drink. So this is one serious deja-vu to the drunk blog/"goddangit we keep blowing leads" blog. I saw a tweet saying that this is the 6th time we’ve blown a two goal lead. My only reaction, two words: Face palm. Man, that’s frustrating. Luckily, I had playoff football to distract my depression, but man that’s just unacceptable. That’s all I can really say.


I’ve been saying it for a long time. I don’t hate Allen. I don’t LIKE Allen, but I think he’s not our biggest problem. But DAYUM 4 goals on 14 shots? That’s just bad. Also, JESUS CHRIST CONTROL A REBOUND. Once. Please. I’ve said somewhere before that’s my only complaint about him. Now, that isn’t my only complaint (learn to save a breakaway soon pls) but it definitely is my biggest.

Weekend Struggles:

Next complaint. I don’t care. As my professor says, "Correlation does not equal causation." I remain to think it is only a coincidence we have a terrible weekend record. I REFUSE to believe a team full of professionals allow the day of the week to dictate the effort they put into games. If I’m wrong, then no amount of Ryan O’Reilys can help this team.


Joel (A solid defensemen) was scratched last night. Whatever, right? Players get scratched all the time. But an ok defensemen on a team full of weak goalies and defenses being scratched over basically un-impactful players like Dunn or Sanford? Heck, pull Bouwmeester. For you three true followers out there, y’all know how I feel about Bouwmeester, and I’d take Joel over Jay any day of the week.

In conclusion...goddammit I hate this team.

LGB or whatever.

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