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Blues at Canadiens Preview: Can the point streak continue?

The Blues have points in four straight games. Let’s make it five.

St. Louis Blues v Montreal Canadiens Photo by Francois Lacasse/NHLI via Getty Images

The Blues and Canadiens have both had to battle at times as the 2019-2020 season has gotten underway. The Habs are at 1-2-1 right now, which is not how they hoped to rebound from yet another playoff miss last season. The Blues, however, are 3-0-1 and are about to be the first team in more than 20 years to get points in five straight games the season after winning the Cup.

But boy howdy, it hasn’t been easy. Opening night against the Capitals saw them let a two goal lead slip away before losing in overtime. Game two against Dallas was a see-saw, and so was game three against the high powered Maple Leafs. All of those games were against opponents who were expected to contend this season. In game four the Senators, who were the worst team in the league last year and who probably will be again this year, scored four goals (one shorthanded) against the Blues. Luckily defense was optional for both teams, because the Blues quite handily scored six goals to keep the Senators winless.

It doesn’t matter how well you play, though, it’s a matter of win or lose. Moral victories are not a tiebreaker in the NHL. Right now, it’s enough that the Blues are sitting atop the Central Division and the team’s second line has been set in beast mode since game one. Ryan O’Reilly, David Perron (who had two goals on Thursday night), and Sammy Blais are the top three points scorers on the team. Sammy Blais’ family is making the trip to Montreal to see him hopefully start a new goal scoring streak, and to continue the hometown Habs’ stumbles. The Canadiens allow more than 4 goals a game on average, and their penalty kill has been disappointing.

It’s the perfect time for Blais to make his family cheer.