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The NHL should be more forthcoming about player injuries

Don’t give me this “upper body” crap!

NHL: Colorado Avalanche at St. Louis Blues Jeff Curry-USA TODAY Sports

Player A leaves the ice. Team says Player A suffered an upper-body injury and won’t return.

A day passes. Team announced Player A won’t make the road trip due to upper-body injury.

My sole question: What’s the fucking injury?!?

It’s not hard of a question to answer. We don’t need to know if the guy had a mysterious rash on his inner thigh or a virus. Fans and media deserve a better, more clear-cut answer.

Vladimir Tarasenko appeared to injure his shoulder on a play during the Los Angeles Kings game last week. He was knocked off the puck by a player and skated off a little less than he was before. Something was wrong. When it comes to shoulder injuries, this man is the bittersweet king.

But was it the shoulder? Was it a bad hangnail? Oblique? Pectoral strain? Back pull?

Once again, fans are kept in the dark. No, in the long run, it doesn’t mean a lot. But that doesn’t mean clarity shouldn’t be provided. It’s not that hard to say the guy hurt his shoulder.

But what about targeting, some will say?? Oh shit, I wonder what players in the NFL do when the location of their injury is revealed? I wonder if the team does a four violin string salute for that poor player. Or something honorable. No. They get back on the field and play.

No other sport hides injuries like the NHL does. It’s stupid. Change it.

Former Blues coach Ken Hitchcock sure thinks the idea is bullshit, and he broke convention last year with the Dallas Stars.

Don’t say HIPPA to me. Once again, where’s the HIPPA rights in the NFL, an equally brutal sport physically. What other excuses do you have? Go ahead and try to come up with an answer that I won’t soon dismiss as Grade A bullshit.

This has nothing to do with doctor-player/patient confidentiality. That’s a different area that no one needs to explore. I am talking about an injury that is suffered on the ice. You bet your ass all players have different personal doctors they see off the ice. I don’t need the results on Tarasenko’s blood work or if that spot on his leg is a wart. Who cares? That’s his business.

It’s not too hard to say he hurt his shoulder, is it? You don’t even have to say which shoulder.

Why do I want this? Peace of mind. Because it bothers me, that’s why. I don’t like being in the dark about what’s wrong with a player. It’s not a huge secret. Spill it.

Sound off in the comments section below. What do you think? Should teams release more player injury information or is this another round of old man shouting at the invisible cars in the street? There’s no need to spit out hate. Just tell me what you think.

I’d like to know what’s wrong with Tarasenko. Is that asking too much?