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NHL Ice Time features cartoon Ryan O’Reilly and cartoon Ryan O’Reilly’s beard

This is the next logical step in O’Reilly’s career.

Do you remember waking up early before your parents when you were little? You made your bowl of cereal (I had a soft spot for the TMNT cereal because my breakfast had to match the cartoons), settled down in front of the TV, and then you vegged out for a couple hours.

If you were little in the late 1990s, you got to watch the government screw up your cereal time with mandated educational programming, and for that, I am sorry.

Kids who like hockey have their own Saturday morning shows over on the NHL Network, and to be honest NHL Ice Time sounds fun. At 8:00 and 11:00 tomorrow morning Colton Parayko and captain Alex Pietrangelo get interviewed by everyone’s favorite children’s show host, Darren Pang. Ryan O’Reilly chats up Mike Johnson about his stick curve and demonstrates it for viewers.

Alex Pietrangelo is there to give the GI Joe PSA about trying your hardest, and cartoon Ryan O’Reilly is there to answer some rapid fire questions.

If you miss the fun on Saturday, the broadcast will air again Sunday morning at 7am.