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Blues at Avalanche GameDay Preview/Thread: Nine’d be fine

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The Blues are on their hottest streak in 16 years.

NHL: St. Louis Blues at Colorado Avalanche Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

Editor’s Note: this was literally scheduled for five hours ago.

The Avalanche and the Blues are two streaking teams, going in very different directions. Before last night’s 4-1 win over the Jets, the Avalanche had lost eight in a row and are 4-13-5 in their last 22 games. They’ve effectively backed themselves out of the playoff picture - as of right now, their odds sit at about 41%, and their making it in depends on not just their play going forward, but also the play of teams ahead of them.

The Blues, on the other hand, have won eight in a row and are eying their ninth win tonight. Right now there’s about a 91% chance they make the post-season, and a huge portion of that is on the shoulders of goaltender Jordan Binnington, who has won seven in a row and has three shutouts in 15 games.

As a whole, the team is clicking, which means that no, we will not see David Perron or Robby Fabbri today, and if they beat the Avs, we probably won’t see them tomorrow in Minnesota, either.

This is your GameDay thread. Comment like you want to see yet another of Stan Kroenke’s teams lose.

Let’s do this. Let’s Go Blues.