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Quick Blues Hits: Playoffs?; Tarasenko-gence; trading Bouwmeester; worrying about Perron; begging for a Schwartz goal

NHL: St. Louis Blues at Los Angeles Kings Gary A. Vasquez-USA TODAY Sports

Welcome back to the suck, Blues fans.

With the team getting back into action Saturday night, I felt the need to dip my prose-covered toes back into the land of hockey talk. Like a radio host sounding off with three fingers of bourbon going down his throat, it’s time we talk about the team that could, probably won’t, and very well ultimately smash our hearts for the 50th straight season.

Since there are a few things to discuss, I’ll divide this up into a multi-topic format here.

Jay Bouwmeester Trade Talk: Please don’t tease me, hockey gods

Look, I don’t care how he’s looked the past 4-6 weeks. The man is a walking, skating liability to-be on the ice. He’s scored more goals for the opposition than Jaden Schwartz has in the last in the last two months this season. If you can get him out of town, pull the trigger. He isn’t coming back next season, so recoup a fourth round pick and move on. Don’t cry for Bouwmeester or anyone with a +/- rating of -8. Alas, I don’t see him going anywhere.

Perron being injured hampers a playoff run

The Frenchman went on Injured Reserve this week, which is about disheartening as a untrustworthy fart in a crowded movie theater. He’s second behind Ryan O’Reilly in goals with 17 and has 35 points on the season. Perron has been hot lately with the scoring touch, and if he departs for a lengthy period of time, cancel the comeback dance. He has an upper-body injury, which could be a banged-up shoulder or a bullet wound to the stomach for all we know.

Robert Thomas is coming back, but spare me the “he’ll save us” talk. He’s young, has made big strides, but has plenty of learn before he can score two goals and take a bad offensive zone penalty like Perron.

Schwartz scoring any time soon?

Four scores and seven years ago, Schwartz scored a goal on an actual goaltender and didn’t just toss a puck into an empty net. Ladies and gents, I’d take an empty net tally from the guy who makes the kind of money that guarantees big time play. At this point, something would be nice. Before you tell me about penalty killing and nice assists, correct me if I’m wrong, but Schwartz didn’t change his name to Kyle Brodziak. More is expected and should be delivered, or else Schwartz should sit a game out.

How long since the last legit goal? Nov. 9. We are approaching three months. That’s bad. He has less goals than the no-longer beloved Pat Maroon, yet lacks the criticism from large crowds.

In other news, Alexander Steen has 15 points in 35 games and is still injury prone. But to some fans, he can do no wrong.

Ride with Binnington?

Yes I would. He has a 1.84 goals against average and save percentage of 92.4%. The kid has played extremely well, which means he should be getting 85% of the starts. Jake Allen should remain active until Binnington proves his longevity, but it shouldn’t be a split. Allen had his chance and flopped like a dolphin per usual. The team has played better in front of the kid and he’s lived up to the hype in each start, so see what he can do. The playoffs still aren’t a clear destination, so figuring out what you have in him before the season ends is primitive. More important than giving credence to the thought that playing Allen a lot will help the team reach a first round playoff exit.

Who gets traded first? Colton Parayko or Brayden Schenn? My money is on Schenn. The moves lack the depth at defense to make a bold move like that, and Schenn hasn’t even been close to what he was last season.

We live in a world were Oskar Sundqvist has more goals (10) than Robby Fabbri (2), Maroon (4), and Schwartz (3), combined. It’s real, folks. Can it last? No one knows, but Sunny is adding goals every week it seems, and they are big ones. A nice surprise.

Tarasenko resurgence?!

Yes. He has six goals in his last ten games and the shots being sent to the net have more sting and juice attached. Did his shoulder suddenly heal? Maybe. Is there a calmness settling in with the new coach? I don’t think so. Whatever the cause may be, Tarasenko scoring is as impactful as anything on this team. With Perron out, the team needs him to keep being otherworldly towards goaltenders. I want him shooting more. In five of the last six games, he’s taken just two registered shots on net. Shoot more, Russian sniper.

Without Ryan O’Reilly, the Blues would be a lost cause. He’s so valuable.


I am still in doubt. The team still hasn’t put up a real winning streak. Three in a row isn’t enough. Win more. Don’t put out a shitty effort after a win so often. Consistency is key, and this team still lacks it. Just look at their last ten games.

What else? Shoot me whatever you’d like answered in the comments or on Twitter @buffa82, and I’ll fire something in return. I’m no Lapps with Lippo, but boy I can talk and write.

The Blues are back in action against Columbus tomorrow night, which should be a great test. The Florida Panthers are next.

Good morning.