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The Blues at the 2019 NHL Trade Deadline: Will they make any moves today?

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Don’t hold your breath.

NHL: St. Louis Blues at Chicago Blackhawks Dennis Wierzbicki-USA TODAY Sports

About a month or so ago, we were all assuming that the Blues would be sellers at the trade deadline. The degree of seller was up for debate, but overall the common consensus would be they’d ship someone out. Would it be Jay Bouwmeester’s massive contract as a rental? Could they snooker the (then) non-productive Alexander Steen to waive his NTC so the Blues could waive goodbye to the $5,750,000 a year cap hit there? Maybe the Blues could get some prospects and some draft picks so the season wouldn’t be a bust.

And then they started winning. And kept winning. And now we enter today having to re-calibrate what we expect out of Doug Armstrong today.

What do we expect? Probably nothing. He’s not messing with whatever formula for success has decided to finally kick in with this team. Bouwmeester is safe. Steen isn’t going anywhere (which is solid timing for his family). Will some minor league deals get done? Maybe. Will the Blues do anything earth shattering? Nah.

The only question here is Robby Fabbri and his current lack of playing time, but he’s got one more year on a contract that pays him under a million a year, and then he’s an RFA. He could be flipped for a pick or maybe two, or the Blues could hold firm and give him some more time to bounce back from his first year after injuries (which is what they’re probably going to do).

Whatever happens, we’ll be here all day with coverage. Post your predictions and reactions to big trades here, and remember to get one of the trade trackers up and going if you’re trapped at your desk at work.