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EA Sports’ NHL 19 sim sends the Blues to the Stanley Cup Finals.

The expected result happens.

Remember in 2013 when the Blues were predicted to win the Stanley Cup by a bunch of pundits and EA Sports’ NHL 14? And then the team showed little to no self awareness and made it part of the on-ice opening night graphics? And then bought into the hype and did not win the Cup after all?

Good times.

This go round, EA Sports’ NHL 19 again predicted some pretty big playoff success for the Blues, with them making it all of the way to the Stanley Cup Final.

There, of course, they lose to the Presidents’ Trophy winning Tampa Bay Lightning, but make a series out of it regardless. Despite beating the Bolts twice during the regular season, the Blues are predicted to lose in a seven game battle royale.

The path there that EA has predicted is feasible. Seven games against both the Jets and Predators feels like something that wouldn’t be out of the realm of possibility for the Blues, and to be honest six games against Vegas isn’t too out there either.

A long slog to the Cup plus a rough, seven game battle? That seems like a very Blues way to cap the season off. A few more games like last night for the Bolts against the Blue Jackets though and they might not be who the Blues see in the end, if they make it that far.

Regardless of accuracy, these are always fun simulations every season, and it’s cool to see how on-it the AI is with predicting the weirdness of playoff hockey.