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Five Questions with Arctic Ice Hockey

What’s up with that hype song guy, anyway?

NHL: Stanley Cup Playoffs-St. Louis Blues at Winnipeg Jets James Carey Lauder-USA TODAY Sports

It took me a while to think of some solid questions for Cara of Arctic Ice Hockey, but here goes. For my answers to her big five, as well as my ponderings on food, head on over to AIC.

1) What would you say has been the Jets’ biggest issue in the first two playoff games, and is it something that you can say has carried over from the end of the season?

It really flew under the radar, but the Jets had a horrible end to the regular season. They have been struggling since January and it has been excused time and time again. Their defensive coverage has been suspect for most of the year, goaltending has been average, and the forwards have sometimes struggled to score five on five. But everything is fine.

2) The Jets are a hard-hitting team. Do you think that this is a benefit or a detriment against the Blues this series? The Blues have finally learned how not to be goaded into stuff.

It is probably a benefit to them if they cannot be goaded. The Jets have some hot-heads and if the Blues stay calm, they will get power plays.

3) It’s tough for a team to come back from being down 2-0 in a playoff series, especially when they’re the team with home-ice advantage. Do you think that the Jets do it?

To be perfectly candid, nope. They have really struggled this year and they don’t seem to have the same can-do attitude that they did last year. I have never wanted to be more wrong though.

4) If you cut off Patrik Laine’s hair, does he lose his scoring ability? Just asking.

Laine’s scoring powers are obviously connected to his sorry excuse of a beard and now that Goat Man is re-emerging, goal scoring will follow.

5) What is up with the dude that keeps recording those awful music hype videos? Does he annoy you as much as he annoys the rest of the league’s fans?

I have never seen this before and I am sorry this became a thing.