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Blues to face Dallas Stars in round two

St. Louis gets home ice advantage.

NHL: Dallas Stars at St. Louis Blues Jeff Curry-USA TODAY Sports

The last time that the Blues and the Dallas Stars met in the playoffs, it was a long slog through seven games. Fresh (though not really that fresh) off of a long series against the Chicago Blackhawks, the Stars pushed the Blues to the brink until St. Louis polished Dallas off 6-1. It wasn’t an easy series, and the punishment of those seven games may be why the Blues didn’t make it past the San Jose Sharks in the Western Conference final.

The Blues’ regular season redemption story is one for the record books - from worst to playoffs. They’re also the first team to accomplish that and then win a playoff round. The Stars fought for a bit of the season to get into the playoffs as a comfortable Wild Card, and then were the decided underdog against the Central Division champion Nashville Predators.

Instead of forcing a game seven, Nashville was sent packing last night.

So here we are, Blues/Stars, round two. The third place team versus the first wild card.

This series is going to be a lot harder than some people expect, for both teams.

It has yet to be determined if Stars CEO Jim Lites still believes that Jamie Benn and Tyler Seguin are “fucking horseshit,” but Seugin finished with 33 goals and 80 points to lead the team, and Benn finished with 27 goals and 53 points. So far these playoffs Seguin has two goals and six points, and Benn has just one goal and three points. Alexander Radulov seems to be the Star to contain, but they have a lot of high powered players who have been a thorn in the Blues’ side.

Last season, the Stars took the series 3-1, with two of those games coming after the team’s resurgence. On March second, Benn had a hat trick against Jordan Binnington in the Stars’ 4-1 victory, and Benn scored twice on February 21st to end the Blues’ 11 game winning streak.

Anything can happen in the playoffs, but this is going to be a tough road for the Blues. If they play like they did on Saturday night, they should be fine - but hopefully it won’t take being behind the eight ball to get them to do it.