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Snag a Winnington t-shirt, help out Barclay’s Training Camp

Be your own playoff jinx!

In case you haven’t gotten a chance to get one of those sharp “Do I Look Nervous?” t-shirts from the Game Time paper crew, the folks at BreakingT have cooked one up for the website as well.

Since one round of the playoffs is under our belts, there’s the guarantee that these (and the Blues, and Jordan Binnington) can stay relevant for at least another week or so. After that, I make no promises. But who doesn’t like fun souvenirs of moments in your team’s time? How many of you guys bought a T.J. Sochi t-shirt during the 2014 Winter Olympics?

Yeah, thought so.

Grab one of these fine shirts over at BreakingT before they’re gone.

Proceeds from the t-shirt sales (i.e. what your friendly website editor gets, which is 12.5% a sale) will be donated to Barclay’s Training Camp. That little service dog in training needs a lot of poop pads.