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Flyers at Blues Preview/GDT: Blues one point out of first place.

Their future isn’t totally in their own hands.

NHL: St. Louis Blues at Philadelphia Flyers Eric Hartline-USA TODAY Sports

We all know the joke by now: the Blues don’t play well against non-playoff teams, so thank God there aren’t any of those in the playoffs, right?

Well, the Blues frittering away (or stealing, more appropriately) a point last night against the very decidedly non-playoff Chicago Blackhawks means that the Blues aren’t in the middle of a three way tie for the top of the Central. Instead, they’re a point out of first and really need the Jets and Predators to stumble in their last two games.

To be painfully honest, as flabbergastingly awesome as winning the Central would be, second place is where it’s at. The Blues would wind up playing the Predators, who for the first time in a while they’ve dominated all season (4-1), while getting home ice advantage. Winning out against the Flyers and Canucks shouldn’t be tough.

The Flyers were embarrassed 6-2 by the Dallas Stars Tuesday, and the team is 1-5-0 in their last six. Sometimes teams who are eliminated relish the role of spoiler; it looks like the Flyers just want this shit to end. Hopefully the Blues can not try to coast into the post-season; their start last night against the Blackhawks was as flat as a pancake. Coming out strong on home ice, ready to get Jordan Binnington that rookie wins record for a Blues goalie, would certainly go a long way to getting the Blues in a favorable playoff position.

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Let’s do this. Let’s Go Blues.