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The St. Louis Blues Are Headed To The Stanley Cup Final

The Blues finished off the Sharks 5-1 in game six.

San Jose Sharks v St Louis Blues - Game Six
No one touched it, don’t worry.
Photo by Elsa/Getty Images

After 49 years, the Blues are returning to the Stanley Cup Final to face off against the Boston Bruins. The Blues and Bruins faced off twice in 1969 and 1970, with the Original Six team sweeping the young expansion club in each year.

This is the Blues’ chance to right those wrongs.

This is the Blues’ chance to win one for Bobby. For Barclay. For Wick. For Bernie. For everyone who ever put on that jersey and had to lament how they always wished that the Cup would come to St. Louis.

This is their chance to win it for every person who set foot in the Arena. The Checkerdome. Kiel Center. Savvis Center. Scottrade Center. Enterprise Center.

This is for every little kid who played floor hockey pretending that they were taking a pass from Adam Oates. This is for every kid who collected the full set of McDonalds hockey cards in the 90s. This is for everyone who ever read a Brett Hull comic book and thought he was an honest to God superhero.

The Blues have broken 49 years of conditioning and have rewarded us for being the self-depreciating cynics that we are, and they picked a year to teach all of us and our cynicism a huge fucking lesson.

Enjoy it. They’re not done yet.