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Snag a BreakingT from the St. Louis Collection, support Barclay’s Training Camp

They have two new shirts to help us and a special pupper celebrate a trip to the Stanley Cup Final.

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The nice folks over at BreakingT have developed two more designs to help us celebrate the Blues’ trip to the Stanley Cup Final.

First off, there’s this nice Champs of the West one that harkens back to a time and jersey that we’re all so fond of:

And then there’s this one, which reminds everyone that when you want playoff narrative, you can’t beat worst to conference champions:

They’re still selling the Winnington and Play Gloria! shirts as well. Any purchase from Breaking T’s St. Louis Collection will see 12.5% of your purchase donated to Barclay’s Training Camp, which is helping everyone’s favorite pupper train to be a special good boy of a service dog.

Snag any one of their four (or all four, we won’t judge) of their shirts here!