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St. Louis keeps proving that it’s a hockey town with blowout Game Six ratings

It’s not like anyone in-town has ever had a doubt.

San Jose Sharks v St Louis Blues - Game Six Photo by Dilip Vishwanat/Getty Images

For those of us who are Blues fans and St. Louisians, the expectation that we’re only capable of focusing on one sport in this town is a little frustrating to say the least. Sure, the Cardinals have been here longer than the Blues, and have seen more franchise success, and tend to get more media attention, but that doesn’t mean that the Blues get shoved under the bus. Fans have supported the team since 1968 and will continue to do so. Better product on the ice along with alumni sticking around after retirement has created a growing ice hockey culture that has sent kids like Pat Maroon once was into the NHL.

St. Louis loves the Blues; it’s just that sometimes the team’s required tough love. It’s reciprocal, though - the team has always demonstrated its connection with the fans and the city, regardless of success on-ice or not, so when the Blues have a chance to clinch a trip to the Stanley Cup Final, you’re damned straight fans are going to tune in.

The Blues drew a 20.8 rating on Tuesday night, versus a 3.2 in the Bay Area. This is impressive, but when you take into consideration the severe weather, it becomes a lot of people’s attitudes were more along the lines of “if I go out, at least I’ll go out watching the Blues” versus “maybe I should get down in the basement.”

No one ever said that our priorities were in the right place, but it’s obvious that our hearts are.