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Happy Stanley Cup Eve, Everyone.

How are you coping with the night before the Final starts?

NHL: Stanley Cup Final-Media Day Bob DeChiara-USA TODAY Sports

Today was the Media Day for the Stanley Cup Final, held in Boston. Game one is tomorrow night, but today we got a little taste of what we’re in for, and what we’re in for is apparently the Stanley Cup singing “Gloria” and wishing the Blues good luck.

We know good bias when we see it.

Seriously, though, tomorrow is it. Tomorrow is the start of the Stanley Cup Final, and for the first time in 49 years the Blues are playing for the big trophy. For some of us, that’s a longer drought than we’ve been alive. For others who remember the trip back in 1970, it feels like just yesterday and an eternity at the same time.

The reality didn’t sink in for me until I saw this earlier on Twitter:

Now that the fact that it’s Stanley Cup Eve has finally sunk in, I get to mentally prepare myself for what’s going on. My routine? Having “Gloria” stuck in my head and trying very, very hard to read every last bit of info out there about what’s in store.

And then I close my laptop and read a book.

I want to both savor this experience and get this show on the road.

What are some ways that you guys are getting yourselves into game day mode?