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Play Gloria, Support Barclay’s Training Camp

Who doesn’t love 80s music, am I right?

You may’ve heard a certain song being played ALL DAMN DAY on Y98 FM today. You may have heard it at Blues home games. You may’ve yelled at your smart home speaker to play it.

Or you may be a very, very young person who is not well versed in the joys of one of 1982’s best songs. Please, allow me to fix that:

The story behind why the Blues crank it after every win is well known now, but it may not be super well known outside of hockey circles. Confuse your friends with your knowledge of 80s pop and hockey all in one fell swoop with this shirt from BreakingT:

As with our Winnington T-Shirts (still on sale, grab one plz), my cut, 12.5% each sale, will go to Barclay’s Training Camp to help the Blues’ pooch become all of the service dog that he can be.