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Bruins at Blues: Stanley Cup Final Game Three GameDay Thread

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This is the first Final game in St. Louis since 1970.

NHL: Stanley Cup Final-St. Louis Blues at Boston Bruins Greg M. Cooper-USA TODAY Sports

It’s been a while since fans in St. Louis have been able to say that they’ve been in attendance at a Blues Stanley Cup Final game. Most of those who were there to watch the Bruins defeat the Blues 6-2 in 1979 have grandkids now. A lot of people who were there aren’t with us anymore. A few generations of Blues fans have been brought into this world without knowing how any of this feels.

We don’t have to listen to the stories of old timers anymore.

Welcome to game three of the Stanley Cup Finals, St. Louis. Several thousand fans on Market Street are hoping that tonight and Monday night’s street parties are a prelude to a bigger street party in a few weeks’ time.

Tonight’s game isn’t going to be easy. Sure, the Blues get to choose who goes up against the Bruins’ top line of Brad Marchand, Patrice Bergeron, and David Pastrnak - who have been very much less than perfect in the last two games. Yes, the Blues will be rolling Colton Parayko and Jay Bouwmeester as much as possible. Sure, Jordan Binnington will respond with the emotional reaction of a rock if the Bruins sneak a puck past him. But none of that makes tonight easy.

The Blues have to continue hitting, but not cross the line. They need to tighten up their giveaways. They need to get back to being the smart, least penalized team in the playoffs that they used to be. Most of all, they need to let the fans be the ones carried away with emotion tonight.

Just go out there and do your job, guys.

This is your GameDay Thread. Comment like you’ve been waiting your whole life for this.

Let’s do this. Let’s Go Blues.