Kudos to the coach and to the team for execution of strategy

The St Louis coach,in my eyes, is coach of the year because he is the only coach that changed the teams strategy to focus on countering the very effective Bruin attack and powerplay rather than simply stick to their gameplan.

All other coaches in the playoffs stuck to their gameplan believing it was good enough to beat Boston....the result,Boston sailed through!

Every team let Boston( including the Blues early in the series))skate thru the neutral zone with speed. THe result was goals at even strength plus goals from the powerplay because of the pressure that the entry speed and consequent Boston forecheck generated,causing penalties and giveaways.

The coach was smart enough to see that something needed to change in a hurry,otherwise the 7-2 win would give Boston the confidence to win the Cup.

Game 4 saw the implementation of that change.The Blues came out hitting hard, taking Bruins out of every play disrupting their attack and taking away Bostons speed. They shut down Bostons powerplay by standing up on the blueline setting up a wall of players slowing down and preventing entry into the Blues zone.More point shots got thru because when the point man had the puck, instead of risking a blocked shot,he either passed or shot it deep in the zone.

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