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The Blues are Stanley Cup champs! It’s real, and here’s the all the merch to prove it!

Celebrate the Blues’ first title with all the BreakingT and Fanatics merch!

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The St. Louis Blues have actually managed to pull off the impossible. They were underdogs in every single series this post-season. They went from last in the league to best in the Western Conference, and now, holy crap, they’re Stanley Cup Champions.

It’s ok if you’re having problems processing this. So am I. As a matter of fact, I only wrote the blurb for this post, not the rest of it, because this is how excited I am. I can’t even type.

But hey, T-shirts! Thankfully these shirts are great quality, because they need to last another 52 years.

As always, 12% of these sales will go to Barclay’s Training Camp. Thank you to everyone who has purchased a shirt through Game Time, or who will purchase a shirt through us, for supporting this very good boy and this very good charity.

The BreakingT championship collection

The Blues Stanley Cup champs T-shirt

Don’t forget your Stanley Cup championship hat!

And a few more items to help you celebrate the Blues’ first Stanley Cup title